For decades, companies have been investing in various technologies. These technologies continue to change and evolve.

Before finalizing a proper implementation of technology X-V1, the launch of V2 with a target date for market launch must already be in process. When V2 is in the final stages, V3 and all subsequent versions must follow this finalization, launch, and marketing pattern. Companies become frustrated because feeling improvement on a larger scale, or return on investment, may be out of reach.

In the last 10 years, we know without a doubt massive data production sources have been a focal point of technology investments. What isn’t discussed is how the data is managed & utilized, or who benefits from it, as well as the ROI; but why? While not ideal, the data is used by large technology companies and survey firms with the purpose of manipulating the market to increase their sales.

The good news is that governments are developing laws to protect personal data. GREAT! But what about all the other players on the market?

Today, everyone is simply trying to catch up! Tech Company A utilizes the strategy “we are bringing cool technologies just for you!” Their competitor, Tech Company B lobs back “we have spent more money than you on technologies like this!” The government jumps into the fray to mediate, “we are investing in legal procedures to respect the GDPR.”

As a decision maker, the truth is, you’re LOST in the middle of all this! You aren’t sure HOW to handle any of it, and are exhausted by the games without any benefit. Like most things, the first step is admitting the truth, first to yourself, then your team. Then the decision-making process can begin!

Evaluate how decisions are made now, then define how they could be made better. Ask yourself: Why are you making them? Do they fit the overall long-term vision? How will they be implemented? Who will be in charge of the implementation? How will they be measured? How is successful implementation measured?

Are you ready?


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